Digital Marketing FREE TIP #3 – Get Interviewed Online And Promote Your Brand In A More Engaging Way

Digital Marketing FREE TIP #3

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Backlinks is the most essential element for a better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What if you can build backlinks in a more productive way that it not only improves SEO of  your website but also helps you in promoting your brand in a more productive way? This is where an online interview comes into place.

There are plenty of blogs which are always looking to interview interesting brands and people from various segments such as Art, Business, Entertainment, Education, Fashion, Spirituality, Technology and so on.

Such bloggers will send you a questionnaire which you can fill with your answers, send couple of your images, links and voila!, your interview is published on their blog. This way, you not only get a backlink to your website but also build your brand in the most possible organic way.

Of course, there are those bloggers as well who charge from $5-$100 per interview depending upon the popularity and readership of their blog. And there is nothing wrong in even paying for it. What do you say? Let’s discuss further.

Where to find such bloggers who may be interested in interviewing me?

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  1. Start with Google. Search for keywords like “blogger interviews”, “business interview blogs” etc. and you’ll come up with the list of many such blogs who do interviews of people from various sectors of life and work. There would be blogs which do interview brands from specific genre only such as music, art etc. and there are blogs which interview people from almost all segments.
  2. Make a list of all these blogs that you find which do interview others. Mostly they would be online interviews only. Very few do organize video interviews through skype. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you can skip them. But be assured of that you will find plenty of blogs where you can send a request for getting interviewed.
  3. Secondly, visit freelancing platforms where bloggers offer such services. Digital Marketplace like Fiverr is the best place to find such bloggers who do sell this service of interviewing you for a very nominal fee like $5-$15. That is a very easy deal. You don’t need to request them for an interview but simply pay them for it and they’ll take care of the rest.

What to do after finding prospective blogs where I can be interviewed?

Do send your profile to them via e-mail or contact page requesting them to take a look at it and if interested organize and online interview of you.

Why would they be interested in me?

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Well, your need is to get interviewed, right? Then the need of such bloggers who interview others have the need of CONTENT for their blog. Through your interview, they get the fresh content in form of your answers. All they need to do is go through your profile or website and then prepare 5-6 questions. It’s YOU who would be writing the answers which will be posted on their blog as fresh content. So they get fresh content for their blog for free. That’s why they are interested in interviewing you for FREE. And in return they would give you 1-3 backlinks. Some bloggers offer do-follow links. Make sure that the links you get are do-follow. If not, try paying them a bit for that.

Other than content, some bloggers do interview you if you’re selling some product or service online. They would join your product as an affiliate and place their affiliate link on the interview page, so that if reader clicks on it and buys your product, they’ll get paid commission for it. So they’re always in search of finding useful products which they think will interest their blog readers.

How exactly the interview process work?

In most cases, it would be a text interview. Meaning, the interviewer will send you questions via e-mail in an MS-word file. There will be questions in it for you to answer. There may be some instructions as well. You will then be required to write your answers in the same file. Place your backlink/s in with appropriate keyword/s. As a caution, after you’re done with writing answers, double proof check it for typo mistakes.

You can also send them couple of images of you or your brand. If you’ve readymade branding images then you can send them over, such as your logo or your own photo. In case, you want to send relative images then make sure that they’re 100% Royalty FREE images. If your business has some specific branding statements, you can also send over Quote Graphics of it that you think will stand out. Also if allowed by the interviewer, you can send across links of your product/service videos that are hosted on YouTube.

And that’s it. Your work is done. In return of writing answers and sending your material, your content will be posted in form of an interview on their blog.

Do’s for writing answers


Write them as short as possible making sure that what you want to brand and promote gets expressed. An interview is not an article, so kindly don’t go on writing in much description. An interview is an highlight of what you do. Readers don’t prefer reading your story if it is too lengthy. They’re interested in key-points.

If it merely your personal interview then you can definitely try describing it as long as possible but if it’s a business interview and you’re promoting your product or service there, try expressing it with the lesser words. Also don’t use words like “buy here“, “order here” etc. instead replace them with something like, “if you find it interesting, you can find more details here.” Do remember that it’s an interview and not an advertisement. Although, in a way, it’s an advertisement but it’s not!

Recommended sources to get interviewed

Although, there are plenty of blogs available on net which may be interested in interviewing you, following are some of the free and paid sources that you can consider to get yourself interviewed.


An interview looks more catchy and organic when it comes to branding. People consider an interview more trustworthy than just a promotional or informative article.

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