Digital Marketing FREE TIP #2 – Why You Must Use Only Royalty FREE Images aka Stock Photos For Your Business

Digital Marketing FREE TIP #2

Royalty FREE Images is a backbone for any business as you can tell your story in visual form which is the strongest form to convey  your services to prospective clients. Using Royalty FREE images can be of great deal for presentation. You never need to worry about copyrights or licencing related issues after you’ve bought them or have downloaded from websites which provide CC0 licenced images. Other than this, there are sites where you can get stock photos by paying money and it comes with limitations.

So there are both types of stock photos available on internet, viz. totally free and paid. Both has its pros and cons. If I say in a quick manner then paid photos’ plus point is that you can get wide variety in categories and angles and minus point is that you need to pay for it, sometimes upto $500 per photo; while for CC0 licenced public domain FREE stock photos plus point is that they’re totally free and you need not to give any credits or attribution in return but minus point is that there is limitation in the types of photos you get. Let’s discuss further.

Royalty FREE Image

Royalty FREE Image

What exactly the word ‘Royalty FREE’ mean?

Frankly speaking, addition of word “FREE” always leads to understanding that the images are totally FREE to get. Although, the word is not misleading but many fall to this understanding that they don’t need to pay anything to buy a Royalty FREE Image. It’s not entirely true. And to know this you need to understand various licences that are allotted to images. But in general what Royalty FREE means is that after you buy or download for free, you need not pay the Royalty to its creator. Below topic of licencing will clear things further.

What are different licences for Royalty FREE Images aka Stock Photos?

Types of Royalty FREE Licences

Types of Royalty FREE Licences

Royalty-Free: As said above, this states the right to use someone’s intellectual property without having to pay any royalties or renewing licence. But again this varies from provider to provider.

Creative Commons: Creative Commons (CC) is an American non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share. The organization has released several copyright-licenses known as Creative Commons licenses free of charge to the public. These licenses allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of recipients or other creators. An easy-to-understand one-page explanation of rights, with associated visual symbols, explains the specifics of each Creative Commons license.

So depending upon the type of licence you need, make sure to go through their terms about limitations and freedom to use their work.

Public Domain aka CC0 licence: This is a Gold mine for those who want 100% Royalty FREE Images without any strings attached to it like paying for it, giving attribution, mentioning of credits, limited use, commercial use etc. All photos published under Creative Commons Zero(CC0) licence gives you total power to copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer o owner.

Attribution: This is when the photographer requires you to give author credit in return to using their photos. It can be simply name of photographer or an url and it varies from source to source.

Commercial Use: There are stock photos that you can use for personal use and there are those which you can use for commercial purposes as well. You need to check with your source about whether it is allowed or not to use stock photos for business use.

Membership: This is when you sign-up with a website for monthly/yearly or like that period for plans offered. Here you don’t pay for each photo but pay for the membership.

What are various purposes for which Royalty FREE Images are useful for?

Royalty Free Image

Royalty FREE Images aka Stock photos can be used for numerous purposes. Some of them are:

Blog, Website, Social Media, Social Media Headers, Social Media marketing use (facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp), Mobile applications – You can use them within an article like I’ve posted above images in this article. This gives a boost to the article as seeing is believing. While on Social Media you can post them along with your text content to increase its visibility. You can also use free stock photos to create your social media header.

Graphic designWallpapers designBannerAdvertisements (brochures, posters, flyers), Stationery coversPicture Quotes, Quote Graphics  – Stock photos are hugely used for various graphic design purposes, be it a business card or 100 pages of presentation. They are used to make brochures, flyers, advertisements, t-shirt designs, interior design and what not.

Book & Magazine covers/pagesCD/DVD coversProjectPhoto framesPrint etc. – A book or a magazine requires their front cover. That’s where Royalty FREE Images come in handy. Book or a magazine is in most cases is used for commercial purpose and hence they can not use the free crap that is downloaded from internet as it goes against copyright. So they use Royalty FREE images. Stock photos are also used to make CD/DVD covers as per its theme.

What are various categories of Royalty FREE Images available?

Royalty FREE Images categories

There are literary hundreds of categories of Royalty FREE Images but some of the most popular ones are as below:

Animals, Architecture/Buildings, Backgrounds/Textures, Beauty/Fashion, Business/Finance, Computer/Communication, Education, Emotions, Food/Drink, Health/Medical, Industry/Craft, Music, Nature/Landscapes, People, Places/Monuments, Religion, Science/Technology, Sports, Transportation/Traffic, Travel/Vacation.

Where can I get Royalty FREE Images?

There are three ways to get them.

  1. Buy from Premium website: There are few popular stock photos websites which sell stock photos. Some of them are:,,, etc. This is where you can buy royalty free photos. You can get them from few cents to hundreds of dollars. This is a costly affair and is used by those who have proper budget for their commercial projects.
  2. Hire someone online to download stock photos you require. You can find such freelancers known as virtual assistants on many digital marketplaces where you get around 10-30 photos for $5-$10 or more per order. You can take a look at various freelancing marketplaces for this kind of service and details. Offers vary from provider to provider.
  3. Recommended => Buy a one time pack of thousands of Royalty FREE photos at an affordable price. This is highly recommended. There are few sellers who sell thousands of royalty free images in 100+ categories at price of $5 to $50. This is a one time buy and then you can use them for free as long as you want, even for commercial purpose too. They are yours to keep forever.
  4. There are few websites where you can get 100% Royalty FREE Images to use which offer images under CC0 licence, meaning you can get those images for and in return you don’t need to do anything like give credit or provide attribution. No, nothing.. nada. Simply download and use both for personal and commercial use.

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