Digital Marketing FREE TIP #1 – Use ENGAGING Quote Graphics to promote your brand

Digital Marketing FREE TIP #1

Picture speaks a thousand words, so when promoting your brand, business or services – use ENGAGING images which has mention of your brand(url, contact details, name etc. but not all of it) on it. This way, your brand will get organic promotion and free traffic. This is an approved system that I’ve implemented and tested successfully on my as well as clients’ brands for DIGITAL MARKETING.

How exactly a quote graphic with branding looks like?

Business Quote Graphic

As you can see above, my branding of name and url is placed on a business picture quote. I can use this quote graphic as a content to post on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+ etc. This is an inspirational quote too so that people will not avoid it or let’s say portion of avoidance will be quite less as compared to those mere text messages. An image is something that invites eyes of viewer to stop. And when they read this quote, they will also come to know about my name and my website.

Not all those who come to know about my brand this way will visit my url but let’s say if 20% do visit it, it’s totally FREE TRAFFIC, isn’t it? Imagine your quote graphic going viral and has reached to few millions – which is not a big deal these days – 20% of that figure would be a great deal. And if you’re selling something at the given url, there is great chance of conversion as well.

What branding material can I add on a quote graphic?

Normally, on a quote graphic you can add your Logo, URL, Name, Signature etc. that you want to promote. Idea is not to put everything together. You can use Logo and URL or Your brand’s name and URL. Just don’t fill it up with your address, contact details and everything so that it looks odd.

Even if people don’t visit your URL, a percentage of people will at least remember your brand and may visit in future as and when they feel like so.

What about the compatible size of each graphic to post on various social networks?

different sizes

Ideally, a quote graphic looks like above image where there’s quote on a matching image – preferably a Royalty FREE one – along with your branding on it. Size of such a picture quote may vary as allowed size preference for each social media is different. For instance, if you’re using Instagram, you’ll require an image in square size. Above image is of 640X640(1:1) square size. Facebook also is compatible with square size and so is Twitter and G+. Square size is also compatible with blogs and websites. As you can see that above image fits perfectly on this blog. Pinterest is compatible with odd size like 734X1100.

Viral graphic content

Thought Question

Have you ever come across on Facebook where a simple thought question graphic has received thousands of likes, comments and hundreds of shares and you thought that what’s so much special about this image?! Well, that is the power of social media. You never know that which graphic content that you post will reach to millions and when it does you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the stream of free traffic and huge promotion of your brand. Quote Graphics is one of the most popular potential viral graphic contents that you can always keep ready with you to post to attract more leads, clients and sales. Don’t underestimate the power of social media+graphic content.

Viral and ENGAGING image content – A thought question, an inspirational picture quote, Helpful Information. Above is an example of a graphical thought question content with my branding on.

This is an ENGAGING content where people are put to take an action. Here action would be an answer, a comment. It would be hard for people to skip this. And even if they skip it, they’ll have impression of your brand in their mind just because they liked the graphic content. And if you do keep posting such content on regular basis, chances are that you’re going to receive regular audience.

Planning a strategy to find prospective leads from Social Media

Digital Marketing

You should know your target audience. Understand that what your target audience will find useful. Analyze their requirement. Prepare that information in form of quotable quotes and then create graphic around it by placing your branding material on it. This way, conversion chances increase as your target audience will stop and read the content as they’ll find it useful. It can be a business tip, personal tip, personal advise, useful information or something like that, that your audience is really in need of.

So plan a social media strategy accordingly: Think or find such useful information -> Convert it into a graphic content -> Add your branding on it -> Post it on social media -> Use proper hashtags as well.

Social Media is treasure full of prospective clients, best place to generate organic leads.

Give Away something for FREE to generate email list


To fetch attention and to generate e-mail list for free whom you can later on send your sales e-mails, you can create a page on your website or blog, a landing page, where visitors do get something useful just if they enter their e-mail address. You can set it through various e-mail opt-in service providers and there are plenty plugins too available to achieve this if you’re using wordpress as your CMS.

This is where the visitor has to simply enter their e-mail address to receive a FREE BONUS. You can give away a portion of what you sell as BONUS to attract the client to buy your full product at later stage. Along with that your e-mail list too keeps on increasing which you can use later on to send your sales e-mails. This technique is used by many affiliate marketers and digital marketing experts. And it’s a simple form which states “Opt-in to receive your FREE BONUS.And remember that everyone loves FREE stuff.
Digital Marketing

Highlights of so far points covered:

  • Find useful content
  • Convert it into graphic content
  • Add your branding on it
  • Post it on social media network and your website/blog
  • Plan a proper social media marketing strategy
  • Give away a BONUS

How can I create Viral Graphical Content for Social Media?


There are several ways to create graphic content by yourself. Some require skill while some require small budget. Talking about creating such content for free, the best option is Adobe Photoshop.

a. Do it with Adobe Photoshop

If you’re bit handy with Photoshop then you can definitely create picture quotes with it very easily. All you need is a Royalty FREE Image, then add text content to it and then your branding. Only cons of doing this with Photoshop is that it is something you need to do YOURSELF and if you’re looking create few graphic contents then it’s a tiring job and requires time as well.

b. Do it using online graphic design softwares

There are few online graphic design softwares that provides both free and paid services to create graphic designs. Couple of them I know are Canva ( and Getstencial ( They are quite handy and have lots of customized features for you to choose from such as preferred size, layout, font type-color, ready-made style and so on. Cons of using these services is that you need to get adapted to their way of working, spend time creating graphic content one-by-one and may cost a bit high if you opt-in for bigger plans.

c. Get ready-made picture quotes with your branding on it

There are few freelancing platforms online where you can find service providers who do provide this service of creating picture quotes on various categories such as Inspirational, Business, Success, Funny, Parenting, Spiritual, Love, Travel, Fashion, Leadership, Money, Education, Health and Fitness and so on.

These service providers will provide you the service of creating picture quotes on your niche and then provide you the same with your branding on it. Range of such services are from $5-$100.

There are few things you need to make sure before buying such service are:

  • Make sure that those quote graphics are made from using 100% Royalty FREE Images
  • You’re allowed to use them for COMMERCIAL purpose too.
  • Make sure that you don’t receive crap that is collected from internet and is branded with others’ brand.
  • You’re getting output files in your preferred size (mostly go for square size images).

Three such service providers I have come across are as below. Please order their services at your disposal. Just communicate with them before ordering so that you can make sure that you’ll get what you want. But indeed these are fair deals to start with:

  1. 15 motivational quotes with your branding
  2. RECOMMENDED => 199 Business picture quotes with your branding using 100% Royalty FREE Images
  3. 700 Success picture quotes (without branding).

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