Digital Marketing FREE TIP #4 – Give Away Rewards, Prizes, Freebies By Organizing Online Contests To Get Instant Results

Let me start with an example and success story of mine. I have been writing blogs for several years now. It is not easy to generate readership to your articles, no matter how informative or useful they are. You will get a limited number of and specific readers to it. But few years back I did one experience which brought immense and instant traffic to my Limca Book Award winning blog Not only that, after its success story, I also started a Facebook page and to my wonders, with...

Digital Marketing FREE TIP #3 – Get Interviewed Online And Promote Your Brand In A More Engaging Way

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Digital Marketing FREE TIP #3 Backlinks is the most essential element for a better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What if you can build backlinks in a more productive way that it not only improves SEO of  your website but also helps you in promoting your brand in a more productive way? This is where an online interview comes into place. There are plenty of blogs which are always looking to interview interesting brands and people from various segments such as Art, Business, Entertainme...

Digital Marketing FREE TIP #2 – Why You Must Use Only Royalty FREE Images aka Stock Photos For Your Business

Royalty FREE Image
Digital Marketing FREE TIP #2 Royalty FREE Images is a backbone for any business as you can tell your story in visual form which is the strongest form to convey  your services to prospective clients. Using Royalty FREE images can be of great deal for presentation. You never need to worry about copyrights or licencing related issues after you've bought them or have downloaded from websites which provide CC0 licenced images. Other than this, there are sites where you can get stock photos by payin...

Digital Marketing FREE TIP #1 – Use ENGAGING Quote Graphics to promote your brand

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Digital Marketing FREE TIP #1 Picture speaks a thousand words, so when promoting your brand, business or services - use ENGAGING images which has mention of your brand(url, contact details, name etc. but not all of it) on it. This way, your brand will get organic promotion and free traffic. This is an approved system that I've implemented and tested successfully on my as well as clients' brands for DIGITAL MARKETING. How exactly a quote graphic with branding looks like? As you can see abo...